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Vol 33, No 7 (1990) A system for mapping the Earth’s surface using a line-by-line conversion device Abstract
G. Ganousek, V. Rzhichny
Vol 50, No 8 (2007) A technique for enhancing the capacity of radio communication systems with noise-like signals Abstract
V. D. Lukyanchikov, V. V. Liventsev
Vol 52, No 9 (2009) A technique for enhancing the noise immunity of multichannel communications systems with repetition Abstract
V. K. Marigodov
Vol 52, No 3 (2009) A technique for the current control of availability of navigation definitions of GPS/GLONASS users based on data of the wide area differential system Abstract
V. V. Demyanov
Vol 49, No 8 (2006) A variant of identification of a linear discrete recursive filter Abstract
S. V. Zvyagintsev, V. L. Seletkov
Vol 50, No 8 (2007) A variant of noise-immune coding systems coders and decoders identification Abstract
V. L. Seletkov
Vol 49, No 4 (2006): Military Radioelectronic Technologies A variant of spectral identification of speech signals Abstract
V. L. Seletkov
Vol 49, No 2 (2006) A waveguide Bragg structure for the millimeter range of wavelengths Abstract
V. V. Oleinik, D. G. Makarov, V. V. Danilov
Vol 49, No 8 (2006) A waveguide-coaxial resonator for the millimeter range Abstract
R. I. Belous, A. P. Motornenko, I. G. Skuratovskiy, O. I. Khazov
Vol 54, No 3 (2011) Abnormal propagation of EMW through below cutoff holes and intrinsic oscillations of waveguide objects and periodic structures Abstract
N. G. Kolmakova, Andrey O. Perov, S. L. Senkevich, A. A. Kirilenko
Vol 57, No 3 (2014) About applicability of quasi-statistic method of autodyne systems analysis Abstract
Vladislav Ya. Noskov, Kirill A. Ignatkov
Vol 49, No 12 (2006) About one reception method of code combinations Abstract
V. A. Kazakov, Migel Sanchez Meraz
Vol 51, No 8 (2008) About principal possibility of automated following by active frequency of non-stationery processes spectrum by means of active filter Abstract
V. F. Tunik
Vol 55, No 6 (2012) About properties of estimations of correlation characteristics of non-stationery modulated signals Abstract
Roman Yuzefovych
Vol 59, No 8 (2016) About protection of power modules of multi-layer frequency converters Abstract
M. V. Kulik, O. V. Ryazancev
Vol 57, No 7 (2014) About results of simulation of multi-channel radar detector Abstract
V. E. Bychkov, O. D. Mrachkovsky, V. I. Pravda
Vol 51, No 7 (2008) About solution of problem of construction ship radar of higher precision class for short-range navigation purpose Abstract
A. N. Nechiporenko, L. D. Fesenko, G. M. Krivosheeva
Vol 51, No 11 (2008) Absorbing elements of chip-attenuators for the surface mounting Abstract
V. D. Sadkov, V. N. Utkin, D. J. Yakimov
Vol 51, No 9 (2008) Accuracy characteristics of satellite radio navigational systems Abstract
E. T. Skorik
Vol 52, No 2 (2009) Accuracy of joint measurement of time and direction of arrival of radio signal against the background of narrow-band influence and noise Abstract
A. M. Fesun, L. Sh. Goloskokova
Vol 56, No 6 (2013) Accurate modeling of nanoscale gate underlap SOI MOSFET and design of low noise amplifier for RF applications Abstract
Indra Vijay Singh, Muhmmad Shah Alam, G. A. Armstrong
Vol 52, No 2 (2009) Acoustic-optical matched filter for LFM signals Abstract
A. R. Gasanov, V. Z. Sultanov, M. A. Gurbanov
Vol 52, No 2 (2009) Acoustic-optical time-dividing channeling system Abstract
A. M. Pashaev, A. R. Gasanov, V. Z. Sultanov, E. S. Nakhmedov, K. F. Abduragimov
Vol 32, No 11 (1989) Acoustoelectric conversion in semiconductor devices Abstract
I. Ya. Kucherov, O. V. Lyashenko, V. M. Perga
Vol 57, No 11 (2014): Special issue of SUAI Acoustooptic technique of nondestructive quality control of crystals used in acoustoelectronics Abstract
Olga L. Balysheva, Victor V. Kludzin, Sergei V. Kulakov, Oleg V. Shakin
Vol 61, No 3 (2018) ACS-fed e-shaped dual band uniplanar printed antenna for modern wireless communication applications Abstract
Praveen Vummadisetty Naidu, Arvind Kumar
Vol 59, No 2 (2016): Nanoelectronics Active elements on a basis of ZnO nanorods for energy harvesting devices Abstract
Anatolii T. Orlov, Veronika A. Ulianova, Andrii I. Zazerin, O. V. Bogdan, G. A. Pashkevich, Yuriy I. Yakymenko
Vol 51, No 10 (2008) Active power evolution by reactive elements under the expofunctional input signal phenomenon research Abstract
A. M. Ivanitckiy, D. G. Pascu
Vol 51, No 10 (2008) Adaptive algorithms application in sound steganographic systems with signal spectrum broadening Abstract
A. V. Shishkin
Vol 49, No 5 (2006) Adaptive antenna as a means for EMC improvement Abstract
A. F. Aporovich, V. B. Trigubovich
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