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Vol 55, No 3 (2012) 1-D and 2-D signals parallel processing in mixed formats Abstract
W. A. Pogribny
Vol 58, No 5 (2015) 2D-DWT vs. FFT OFDM systems in fading AWGN channels Abstract
Mushtaq Talib Al-Sharify, Al-Anssari Ali Ihsan, Nameer Qasim
Vol 54, No 12 (2011) 3dB directional couplers on image dielectric waveguides of 80–110 GHz frequency band Abstract
B. Yemelyanenkov, Olga Turieieva
Vol 49, No 8 (2006) A 180-degree microwave phase modulator (π-keyer) Abstract
V. K. Lebedev
Vol 48, No 6 (2005) A band-pass microwave filter in high-temperature superconducting films Abstract
V. M. Pan, V. F. Tarasov, N. A. Skorik, S. I. Futimsky
Vol 48, No 1 (2005) A band-rejection filter in a partially filled rectangular waveguide Abstract
V. N. Pochernyaev
Vol 51, No 7 (2008) A comparative analysis of estimates of the unknown nonrandom parameter of signal in the linear space and K-space Abstract
Andrey A. Popov
Vol 31, No 1 (1988) A comparative estimate of the quality of radar-signal detectors on a background of noise of variable intensity Abstract
S. S. Gremyachenskii, Yu. V. Yakovlev
Vol 49, No 8 (2006) A complex generalized model of autoregression of non-Gaussian processes Abstract
V. A. Tikhonov, K. V. Netrebenko
Vol 31, No 1 (1988) A correction algorithm for searching for the roots of the determinants of an immitance matrix Abstract
Ya. K. Trokhimenko, A. I. Rybin, E. G. Plavneva
Vol 52, No 1 (2009) A criterion of minimum of estimation error probability in a problem of nonlinear parametric identification Abstract
P. A. Kucherenko
Vol 49, No 4 (2006): Military Radioelectronic Technologies A digital method for determining the coordinate reference of a protracted object based on its radar image Abstract
E. P. Msallam, V. V. Pechenin
Vol 49, No 3 (2006): Military Radioelectronic Technologies A digital method for suppressing passive interference at the coordinate processing of radar image of protracted seaborne objects Abstract
V. V. Pechenin, E. P. Msallam
Vol 49, No 4 (2006): Military Radioelectronic Technologies A digital microwave ampli-phase meter for radio-engineering systems of special purpose Abstract
V. I. Rudakov
Vol 48, No 9 (2005): Military Radioelectronic Technologies A direct digital synthesizer of frequency with phase quantization in the system of residual classes Abstract
A. A. Bazhenov, L. A. Ovcharenko
Vol 47, No 3 (2004): Military Radioelectronic Technologies A distributed type adaptive matching device for decameter range antennas Abstract
V. V. Polevoy, I. Yu. Khlopushin
Vol 48, No 2 (2005) A fast RLS-algorithm for linearly constrained adaptive filtering of nonstationary signals Abstract
V. I. Djigan
Vol 49, No 8 (2006) A frequency detector with a balance amplitude modulator and with a shift generator Abstract
Bak Son Ri
Vol 50, No 1 (2007) A frequency-polarization microwave discriminator Abstract
V. P. Balashov, Volodymyr I. Gouz, A. A. Zaytsev, V. P. Lipatov, V. A. Martynov, V. I. Simonchuk
Vol 42, No 11 (1999): Satellite technologies of data transmission A ground-based complex for receiving data of remote sounding of the Earth from satellites Abstract
K. S. Sunduchkov, V. A. Kazimirenko, V. G. Komarov, Mykhailo Ye. Ilchenko
Vol 48, No 1 (2005) A highly sensitive zero modulation radiometer Abstract
V. I. Vodotovka, Fedir M. Repa, V. P. Kutsenko
Vol 52, No 9 (2009) A high-Q low-dimensional resonator with electrically tunable frequency Abstract
Dmitry A. Usanov, Sergey S. Gorbatov, A. N. Sorokin, Vladimir Yu. Kvasko
Vol 47, No 1 (2004) A mathematical model of electromagnetic wave scattering by an impedance circular cylinder Abstract
M. Yu. Zvezdina, S. N. Marchenko
Vol 47, No 2 (2004) A mathematical model of remote control of signals radiated by a glide-path beacon Abstract
M. Yu. Vinnikova, V. R. Muhamedchanov, S. A. Tochilkin
Vol 50, No 10 (2007) A method for controlling polarization structure of a field generated by a spiral cone antenna Abstract
L. M. Lobkova, A. V. Lukyanchikov
Vol 47, No 2 (2004) A method for correction of quadrature disbalance of reception channels in a digital antenna array Abstract
Vadym I. Slyusar, O. N. Soloshchev, I. V. Titov
Vol 48, No 9 (2005): Military Radioelectronic Technologies A method for decreasing side lobe levels at compression of phase-keyed signals in radio-engineering aids Abstract
V. I. Sineok, O. N. Khomyakov, O. V. Miroshnichenko
Vol 48, No 10 (2005): Military Radioelectronic Technologies A method for designing a tracking system with digital filter in the tracking loop and improved control accuracy Abstract
Yu. A. Pushkaryov, V. B. Revenko
Vol 48, No 4 (2005): Military Radioelectronic Technologies A method for determination of coordinates of a coherent radiation source by scattered radiation Abstract
A. Yu. Koziratskii
Vol 48, No 7 (2005) A method for determination of energy center of a solitary pulse Abstract
Vladimir G. Andrejev, O. V. Pal’chik
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