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Alekseev, E. G., Military Academy of Air Defense of RF
Alekseev, V. G., A. M. Obukhov Institute of Atmospheric Physics Russian Academy of Sciences
Alekseev, V. P., Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics
Aleshechkin, A. M., Institute of Engineering Physics and Radio Electronics of Siberian Federal University
Alimov, Z. I., Sevastopol National Technical University
Alyohin, S. Yu., Voronezh State University
Amghar, Mustapha, Mohammed V-Agdal University
An, V. I., Moscow State Technical University n.a. N. E. Bauman
Andreev, A. A., Dneprodzerzhinsk State Technical University
Andreev, F. M., Kharkiv Air Force University
Andreev, G. A.
Andrejev, Vladimir G., Ryazan State Radio Engineering University
Andrenko, S. D., Usikov Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Androsenko, V. Ya.
Andrusenko, M. I., "Kvant-Radiolokatsiya" Research Institute
Ang, Wo Tuan, Ryazan State Radio Engineering University
Anh, Nguyen Xuan, Institute of Geophysics, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology
Anisimov, Vladimir F., Ryazan State Radio Engineering University
Antonets, V. V., Research Center of Defense Technologies
Antonov, A. V., Kharkiv Air Force University
Antropov, O. S., Dnipropetrovsk National University
Aporovich, A. F., Byelorussian State University of Information Science and Radioelectronics
Arefev, Alexander S., Ryazan State Radio Engineering University
Areshkin, E. K., Zaporizhzhya National Technical University
Arhipskyi, A. O., National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"
Armstrong, G. A., Queen’s University Belfast
Artemenko, Sergei N., Tomsk Polytechnic University
Artyomova, T. K., Yaroslavl Demidov State University
Artyushenko, V. M., Finance and Technology Academy
Ashikhmin, A. V., Military Institute of Radioelectronics

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