Vol 61, No 5 (2018)

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Table of Contents

Voice activity detection algorithm using spectral-correlation and wavelet-packet transformation PDF
O. Korniienko, E. A. Machusky 185-193
Improved VBLAST MAP: A novel point-to-point symbol detection algorithm for MIMO wireless communication systems PDF
Dharmendra V. Chauhan, Jaymin K. Bhalani, Y. N. Trivedi 194-199
Enhanced static noise margin and increased stability SRAM cell with emerging device memristor at 45-nm technology PDF
Shalini Singh, Vishwas Mishra 200-206
Automated Osborn wave detection system based on wavelet features and neural network PDF
Andriy A. Borodyn, N. A. Borodin, A. N. Donchilo 207-213
Low-pass filters based on crystal-like inhomogeneities PDF
Evgeniy A. Nelin, Ya. L. Zinher, V. I. Popsui 214-221
Method of verification of hypothesis about mean value on a basis of expansion in a space with generating element PDF
Serhii W. Zabolotnii, S. S. Martynenko, S. V. Salypa 222-229