Vol 59, No 10 (2016)

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Table of Contents

Estimation of the optical pulse duration with rectangular intensity profile of unknown height PDF
Andrey P. Trifonov, Aleksandr A. Milogorodskii 427-436
Hybrid electromagnetic-spin oscillations in the ferrite-dielectric structure with single-crystal hexaferrite in domain region PDF
Artem L. Nikytenko, Valerii I. Grygoruk, Viktor I. Kostenko, Andriy M. Sorochak, Leonid V. Chevnyuk 437-441
Design of active reconfigurable wheel antenna based on PIN diodes PDF
Rama Krishna Dasari, V. M. Pandharipande 442-448
Influence of ferrimagnetic resonance on conversion of electromagnetic energy into mechanical one PDF
Leonid G. Martynenko, Ganna L. Komarova, Victoria V. Malichenko 449-454
High-speed parallel particle filter for PCMA signal blind separation PDF
Hao Feng, Yong Gao 455-462
On the nature of sources of audio-frequency electromagnetic interferences PDF
Oleg N. Petrishev, Vladimir V. Pilinsky, Alexander S. Chupakhin 463-475