Vol 55, No 3 (2012)

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Table of Contents

Statistically instable processes: connection with flicker, nonequilibrium, fractal and colored noise PDF
I. I. Gorban 99-114
1-D and 2-D signals parallel processing in mixed formats PDF
W. A. Pogribny 115-123
Regular method of synthesis of substitute cryptographic constructions with maximum distance of nonlinearity PDF
Michael I. Mazurkov 124-130
Near-field microwave tomography of subsurface dielectric layers PDF
Yu. A. Gayday, V. S. Sidorenko, O. V. Sinkevych 131-135
Express method of finding recombination parameters in technological silicon plates PDF
S. V. Chyrchyk 136-139
Normal tolerance assigning by given price characteristics of radio components PDF
Galina N. Shilo 140-148