Vol 54, No 12 (2011)

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Table of Contents

3dB directional couplers on image dielectric waveguides of 80–110 GHz frequency band PDF
B. Yemelyanenkov, Olga V. Turieieva 643-653
Properties of the uncertainty function of phase-shift keyed wideband signals with polarization coding PDF
V. D. Lukyanchikov, V. V. Liventsev 654-662
Two-channel multithreshold decoding of the systematic convolutional code PDF
V. L. Seletkov 663-668
Upper estimation boundary for absolute maximum distribution for a process represented by Markovian sequences PDF
D. V. Yevgrafov 669-674
Electromagnetic compatibility characteristics of low-noise amplifier on field transistor with Shottky gate under the impact of ultra-short pulse interference PDF
Anatoly M. Bobreshov, I. S. Korovchenko, Vladislav A. Stepkin, Grigorii K. Uskov 675-679
An influence of parasitic parameters on electromagnetic disturbance emission in voltage converters PDF
Ie. S. Zaitsev, Shahryar Shalileh 680-687


Erratum: "Small-sized microstpip delay line filters on the substrates with high permittivity" [Radioelectronics and Communications Systems 54 (10), 566 (2011)] PDF