Vol 53, No 10 (2010)

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Table of Contents

Electrodynamic theory of Sagnac effect PDF
B. M. Petrov 511-520
Generalized formulation of the analogue circuits design problem PDF
A. M. Zemliak 521-530
Scattering of plain waves by the system of balanced vibrators with nonlinear loads under the influence of nonlinear radar PDF
Maksym V. Zinchenko, Yu. F. Zin'kovskii 531-541
Methods for representing the characteristics of radioelectronic equipment on the basis of the hyper-random phenomena theory PDF
B. M. Uvarov 542-549
Simulation of circuit of autodyne sensor with field-controlled transistor PDF
V. V. Brajlovskyj, A. D. Veryga, Z. Ju. Gotra, N. Ja. Kushnir 550-554
The use of the nonstationary Volterra series tool for multifrequency analysis of a semiconductor parametric amplifier PDF
Anatoly M. Bobreshov, L. I. Averina, Nina N. Mymrikova, A. V. Tagiev, D. V. Gluschenko 555-561
Probability of erroneous bit during detection of differential QPSK modulation with neuron network integration PDF
Ye. N. Shtreker, A. A. Smirnov, P. A. Nabrodov, A. Yu. Chemerisov 562-565
Enhancement of signal-to-noise ratio during the detection of weak video pulses PDF
A. S. Makarenko 566-568