Vol 53, No 9 (2010)

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Table of Contents

Schoenberg's polynomial B-splines. A short summary of applications PDF
V. G. Alekseev 451-457
On estimating the stability of linear parametric circuits during frequency symbol analysis PDF
Yu. Shapovalov, B. A. Mandziy, S. Mankovsky 458-464
Compensation of systematic errors of measurements based on the object motion invariants PDF
Vladimir Yu. Bulychev, Yury G. Bulychev, Aleksandr A. Mozol, A. S. Pomysov, I. G. Semenov 465-474
Noiseless gaseous discharge in conic tube and its dynamic properties PDF
A. Kh. Muradov, T. Kh. Huseynov 475-479
Simultaneous measuring of Doppler frequency shift and group delay time by means of amplitude-modulated LFM-signal PDF
Alexey A. Kolchev, A. E. Nedopekin, V. V. Shumaev 480-486
Effectiveness of statistically optimal estimate of Hurst's indicator of generalized fractal Gaussian process distorted by white noise PDF
Kostiantyn S. Vasiuta, A. V. Shapovalov, V. I. Storogev 487-491
Enhancing the efficiency of digital control system using the diversity radio reception PDF
V. K. Marigodov 492-496
Decoding of convolutional codes on a sliding window during signal propagation in a multipath communications channel PDF
A. A. Shpylka, S. Ya. Zhuk 497-501
Correlation background of the concept of active spectrum of nonstationary processes PDF
V. F. Tunik 502-506
Algorithm of multi-channel processing during aperture synthesizing PDF
V. K. Klochko, V. I. Moybenko 507-509