Vol 53, No 7 (2010)

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Table of Contents

Diagnosing refraction properties of troposphere over land using global navigation systems PDF
V. N. Gudkov, Vladyslav I. Lutsenko, Iryna V. Lutsenko, Nguyen Xuan Anh 341-347
Estimation of noise error when measuring virtual height during diffusivity of ionospheric F layer PDF
V. P. Pashintsev, S. A. Koval', D. A. Potyagov, A. M. Spirin 348-355
Procedure for building a MOS transistor high frequency small-signal model PDF
S. Borisov, Alexander S. Korotkov 356-366
Statement of a problem of definition of linear signals parameters in quasinormed space PDF
Sergiy M. Vovk, Valentyn F. Borulko 367-375
Three-level cryptographic system for block data encryption PDF
Michael I. Mazurkov, V. Ya. Chechelnytskyi, K. K. Nekrasov 376-379
Differential algorithms of digital signal processing PDF
W. A. Pogribny 380-388
Taking into account the impact of coupling elements on the resonance phenomena in biconical resonators PDF
Oleg O. Drobakhin, P. I. Zabolotnyy, Ye. N. Privalov 389-394