Vol 52, No 12 (2009)

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Table of Contents

The efficiency of ultrawideband detection of target with unknown range and speed in the presence of narrow-band interference PDF
Andrey P. Trifonov, Marina B. Bespalova, P. A. Trifonov 629-637
Queuing system with absolute priorities as a model of diversity radio-reception PDF
V. K. Marigodov 638-642
Complete classes of generalized space-time block codes for multiantenna communications systems PDF
Michael I. Mazurkov 643-648
Self-sufficient potential formalism in describing electromagnetic interactions PDF
A. V. Gritsunov 649-659
Jitter in sampling and restoration of Gaussian random processes at the output of linear parametric system PDF
V. A. Kazakov, J. A. Medina 660-666
Recognition of colored noise in pseudo-phase space by using BDS statistics PDF
Kostiantyn S. Vasiuta 667-672
Definition of optimal parameters of resonance SHF-compressors PDF
Sergei N. Artemenko, Yu. G. Yushkov 673-677