Vol 51, No 11 (2008)

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Table of Contents

Simulation of wave processes in an open waveguide with diffraction-coupled radiation sources PDF
G. S. Vorobjov, A. S. Krivets, V. O. Zhurba, A. A. Rybalko 573-579
Periodicity criterion for adaptive algorithm of determining the signal’s period PDF
I. I. Klyuchnik, M. A. Lodygin 580-584
Topological thermal compensation in a hybrid-film micro thermostat containing thermally stable substrate PDF
V. P. Alekseev, V. M. Karaban 585-589
Absorbing elements of chip-attenuators for the surface mounting PDF
V. D. Sadkov, V. N. Utkin, D. J. Yakimov 590-593
On certain variants of the code modulation PDF
O. V. Ryazancev, A. M. S'yanov, A. A. Andreev 594-598
Resistance to pulse frequency converter PDF
V. V. Safonov 599-601
Manufacturing regression models of silicon single-crystal photoconverters PDF
N. I. Slipchenko, V. A. Pis'menetskii, A. V. Frolov, N. N. Yanovskaya 602-607
The mean value of derivative of phase modulus of the harmonic signal and Gaussian noise sum PDF
V. I. An 608-611
Information security method based on perfect binary arrays PDF
Michael I. Mazurkov, V. Ya. Chechelnytskyi, P. Murr 612-614
Information characteristics and properties of a random signal considered as a sub algebra of a generalized algebra with a measure PDF
Andrey A. Popov 615-621
Determination of target motion rate using triangulation method in the conditions of prior uncertainty PDF
Yury G. Bulychev, V. A. Golovskoy 622-630