Vol 51, No 5 (2008)

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Table of Contents

Comparative analysis of the Lyapunov function for different strategies of analogue circuits design PDF
A. M. Zemliak 233-238
Algorithm of conditional minimization of the goal function for optimal routing in information networks PDF
Vladimir I. Parfenov, S. V. Zolotarev 239-246
Calculation method for microwave pyramidal horn radiators with curvilinear generatrix PDF
A. A. Karpenko, Ya. I. Lepikh 247-255
Dynamic simulation of electrostatically controlled MEMS-capacitors in the operating temperature range (293…323) K PDF
F. F. Kolpakov, N. G. Borzyak 256-261
Estimation of formalized message bringing in broadband channel taking into account useful signal searching time PDF
A. V. Kalinin, V. S. Kudaev, V. D. Lukyanchikov, R. A. Solodov 262-266
Conceptual form of information subsystem of antiaircraft guided missile of promising AMS PDF
A. V. Avlasyonok, E. G. Alekseev, S. P. Litvinov, F. L. Savitskii 267-270
Scattering at a four-port vertical microstrip–slotline transition PDF
Vladimir G. Krizhanovski, Yu. V. Rassokhina 271-279
Specialities of optical FET with tin-doped junction channel PDF
Dilbara M. Yodgorova 280-283
Response of acousto-optic delay line to rectangular input signal PDF
A. R. Gasanov, K. F. Abduragimov, M. A. Gurbanov 284-288
Frequency characteristics of lowdimensional wave propagation system of "Capacity Diaphragm—Short-Circuiting Piston" type PDF
Sergey S. Gorbatov, A. N. Sorokin, Dmitry A. Usanov 289-291