Vol 50, No 2 (2007)

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Table of Contents

Adaptive control of distribution of the energy and time resource of radar systems with phased antenna array PDF
Volodymyr I. Gouz, A. V. Butyrin, V. P. Lipatov, T. V. Baringolts 55-62
The shipborne passive multipositional radar complexes PDF
M. I. Andrusenko, G. A. Iena, V. A. Shovgun 63-66
An algorithm for eliminating the ambiguities of bearing measurement by a direction finder in a wide range of target distances PDF
M. N. Bilanovskii, G. A. Iena, V. A. Shovgun 67-71
The errors in determining the predicted coordinates of a moving radiation source when a passive radar system is installed on a movable carrier PDF
V. A. Shovgun 72-74
Combined phase-frequency control in synthesis of frequency readjustment devices PDF
Yu. G. Nikitenko 75-80
Comparative estimation of noise-stability characteristics in the presence of noise-like interference in specialized systems of information exchange PDF
M. I. Andrusenko, T. N. Kachalina, Yu. G. Nikitenko 81-86
Investigation of distortion of signal shape and spectrum at the combined method of frequency keying PDF
Yu. G. Nikitenko, V. P. Pushnya, O. Yu. Sorokin 87-90
Analysis of frequency deviation changes over FM-signal spectrum during discrete message transmission PDF
M. I. Andrusenko, Yu. G. Nikitenko, V. P. Pushnya, V. P. Tkachenko 91-94
Analysis and calculation of current-flow amplitude spectrum of a microwave mixer diode at poly-harmonic excitation PDF
A. P. Voloshin, G. A. Iena, Yu. G. Nikitenko 95-103
Improvement of reliability of radiation parameter estimates in real time PDF
A. A. Zaytsev, V. P. Lipatov, I. A. Priimak 104-109
Peculiarities and distinctions between matrix algorithms for fast Fourier and Hartley transforms in the "running" spectral analysis problems PDF
T. V. Zinchenko 110-116