Vol 49, No 10 (2006)

Military Radioelectronic Technologies

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Table of Contents

Counteraction to GPS satellite radio-navigation system PDF
E. T. Skorik 1-7
Quasioptimal estimation of pulse repetition periods PDF
Andrey P. Trifonov, N. V. Ledovskikh 8-15
Classes of minimax bi-phase signals based on perfect binary arrays PDF
Michael I. Mazurkov, V. Ya. Chechelnytskyi, M. Yu. Gerasimenko 16-24
Generators in IMPATT-diodes excited by a subharmonic signal PDF
L. V. Kasatkin, S. B. Mal'tsev 25-34
Heterodyne conversion of frequency at inaccurate setting of range of phase shift variation of the sounding signal PDF
Yu. B. Gimpilevich, I. B. Shirokov 35-41
Simulation of reliability of radio-engineering system operation PDF
N. T. Dekhtyaruk, Ye. N. Vidalko 42-46
Optimization of filters for simulation of interfering radio reflections in the investigation of systems of echo-signal primary processing PDF
Vladimir G. Andrejev, Sh. V. Nguen 47-51
Strict analysis of algorithms for detection of signals of unknown duration PDF
D. V. Yevgrafov 52-55