Vol 47, No 11 (2004)

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Table of Contents

Estimation of pulse repetition period with the use of a recirculator PDF
Andrey P. Trifonov, N. V. Ledovskikh 1-8
Analysis of the second-order statistical characteristics of a rapidly fading radio signal PDF
Vladimir I. Parfenov 9-13
Analysis of detection efficiency of signals discretely coded in frequency in the presence of passive clutter PDF
V. Ya. Plyokin, Nguen Thang Khyng 14-20
Time compression of communication channels based on super-Rayleigh resolution of signals with additional gating of ADC samples PDF
Vadym I. Slyusar, D. V. Slyusar, Yu. V. Stolyarchuk 21-26
Orthogonal multicarrier modulation with the use of Hartley’s transform PDF
Aleksandr B. Kokhanov, Victor V. Zakharov 27-31
The Hartley transform of signal convolution PDF
V. L. Seletkov 32-36
Modernization of Pearson’s distributions for approximation of experimental distributions of radar signals PDF
I. G. Karpov, Ye. A. Galkin 37-43
Synthesis of linear equalizers by the simple iteration method PDF
E. B. Solovyeva 44-50
Parameter determination of the physical equivalent circuit for the dual-gate MESFET PDF
N. A. Filinyuk, D. V. Gavrilov 51-54
Synthesis of a shaping filter for a Markov’s chain PDF
A. A. Ilyukhin, A. N. Osipov 55-58