Vol 47, No 4 (2004)

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Table of Contents

Ultra-wideband detection of a fluctuating target with unknown range at sounding by discontinuous pulses PDF
Andrey P. Trifonov, Marina B. Bespalova, A. M. Vorob’yov 1-7
Calculation of current-voltage characteristics of a single-electron transistor with discrete spectrum of energies in the island PDF
V. I. Kanevskii, K. N. Pak 8-14
Minimization of mean square sensitivity of frequency responses of recursive digital filters PDF
I. I. Trifonov, Yu. Yu. Shelepenko 15-19
Statistical characteristics of nuisance signals and methods of their calculation for a system with communication lines PDF
B. F. Bondarenko, A. A. Bondarenko 20-23
Distinguishing of signals against narrow-band non-Gaussian interference background PDF
I. G. Karpov, V. V. Yevseyev, A. S. Marinenko 24-29
Efficient calculation of digital convolution based on fast Hartley transform PDF
Aleksandr B. Kokhanov, Victor V. Zakharov 30-33
Analysis of multichannel systems of multifrequency signal processing PDF
Dmitriy I. Popov, A. G. Belokrylov 34-39
The method of nonorthogonal frequency-discrete modulation of signals for narrow-band communication channels PDF
Vadym I. Slyusar, V. G. Smolyar 40-44
Recognition of random signals described by autoregression model PDF
V. M. Bezruk, Victor S. Golikov, V. A. Tikhonov 45-49
Approximation of truncated equations of non-autonomous self-oscillator with phase feedback PDF
Volodymyr V. Rapin 50-55
The use of bandpass filters for modification of the zero method of measurements in microwave radiometers PDF
A. V. Filatov 56-60