Vol 42, No 12 (1999)

Satellite technologies of data transmission

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Table of Contents

The spaceborne data processing of the "Kyi" multi-channel radiometric complex PDF
S. A. Shilo 1-5
Features of ground-based calibration of the on-board radiometric systems with large antennas PDF
V. A. Komyak, S. A. Shilo, A. S. Levada, S. Ye. Yatskevitch 6-10
Two-channel antenna of the scanning radiometer of 20-centimeter range PDF
Nikolay N. Gorobets, Yu. N. Gorobets, A. B. Zholobenko, Victor A. Katrich, V. I. Kiiko, V. S. Popov, P. I. Shugaev 11-15
The multi-band reflector antenna of the double-polarization scanning radio aerospace radiometer PDF
Nikolay N. Gorobets, Yu. N. Gorobets, Viktor M. Dakhov, A. B. Zholobenko, V. I. Kiiko, V. S. Popov, L. M. Atroshenko, S. S. Vyaz’mitinova 16-21
The multichannel scanning antenna system of the EHF radiometer complex for space vehicles PDF
N. Bobrov, S. I. Bobrov, V. V. Senchenko, K. S. Sunduchkov, V. M. Chmil' 22-23
Concept for the creation and development of the subsystem of satellite radio navigation support within the framework of a single satellite data transmission system PDF
Valeriy V. Konin, V. A. Sitak 24-27
Creation of a unified network of monitoring and correction stations for navigation support in Ukraine PDF
V. G. Komarov, A. A. Makarov, E. T. Skorik, K. F. Volokh 28-30
Stability of regional positioning in navigation fields of global satellite systems PDF
E. T. Skorik 31-37
The method of implementing relative geodetic positioning by GPS/GLONASS signals using the float processing of phase observations PDF
A. A. Zhalilo, A. I. Yakovchenko 38-41
Differential modes of operation of satellite radio navigation systems PDF
A. I. Bobrov, S. I. Bobrov 42-44
Circuit technology features of receiving devices of NAVSTAR and GLONASS satellite radio navigation systems PDF
A. I. Kirichenko, A. A. Lipatov, S. N. Patishchev, E. T. Skorik 45-48