Vol 35, No 11 (1992)

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Table of Contents

Principles of creating a signal processing language PDF
V. E. Bocharov, V. G. Galagan 1-6
Combined filtering and recognition of the type of segment of excitation of noisy speech signals PDF
V. I. Gupal, S. Ya. Zhuk, Yu. A. Mamonov 7-11
Analysis of energy characteristics of a cascade connection of dissipative microwave quadripoles PDF
V. V. Zagoruiko, V. P. Koval, V. P. Narbut, A. I. Yushin 12-17
Analysis of circuits with switched capacitors by means of signal-flow graphs PDF
T. Dostal, J. Mikula 18-22
Qualitative indices of broadcast transmitters in a single-sideband mode PDF
D. A. Tkachenko 23-27
Probabilistic properties of dynamic modulation characteristics of quartz oscillators PDF
V. N. Roman’ko, Yu. S. Shmalii 28-33

Brief Communications

Precision method of determining the time delay in multichannel signal propagation PDF
D. B. Aratskii, O. A. Morozov, E. A. Soldatov, V. R. Fidel’man 34-36
Method of analyzing the passage of pulses through films with nonlinear parameters in waveguide structures PDF
A. G. Glushchenko 37-39
Anomalous dispersion in the region of self-absorption of electron-hole plasma of a heterostructure laser PDF
V. A. Aksyutenkov, E. N. Khabarov 40-42
Method of calculating the characteristics of detecting a burst of coherent pulses against the background of Gaussian impulse noise PDF
S. V. Yagol’nikov, V. I. Shevchuk 43-46
Stability of the rate of scanning a laminated optical deflector PDF
D. N. Kosolap, P. F. Sukhodoev, M. V. Srybnik, V. A. Miroshnichenko 47-48
Tomographic methods of controlling reflections from local objects PDF
V. I. Samoilenko 49-50
Effective algorithm for statistical digital filtering PDF
A. N. Detkov 51-53
Method of synthesizing a linear system PDF
Z. D. Lerner 54-55
System of two-dimensional binary signals with ideal periodic correlation functions PDF
I. P. Bukanov 56-58
Connection of a coaxial transmission line to a partially filled rectangular waveguide PDF
V. N. Pochernyaev 59-61
Resistance of a film resistor with a slit of finite width PDF
V. D. Sadkov, D. E. Orlov 62-64