Vol 33, No 7 (1990)

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Table of Contents

Statistical synthesis of algorithms for the reception of multicomponent discrete signals PDF
V. E. Martirosov 1-6
Statement of the problem of synthesizing signals made up of elements representable by segments of a generalized Fourier series PDF
Yu. V. Cheprukov, M. A. Sokolov 7-10
Conditional optimization of signals for high-speed nonlinear inertial radio channels PDF
M. A. Ivanov 11-14
Investigation of locking subsystems for tracking radio-reception devices for broadband signals having complementary frequency modulation PDF
L. S. Nekrasov 15-19
Statistical parameters of interference noise above a randomly uneven interface PDF
N. L. Kostenko, I. M. Fuks 20-25
Generation of nonlinear recurrent sequences in expanded GF(p*) fields by software-hardware methods PDF
I. I. Snytkin 26-30
Locking by delay in digital processing of ultralong recurrent sequences PDF
I. I. Snytkin, V. I. Burym, A. T. Serobabin 31-34
A system for mapping the Earth’s surface using a line-by-line conversion device PDF
G. Ganousek, V. Rzhichny 35-38
Electrodynamic analysis of irregular waveguides and resonators containing nonlinear media PDF
O. A. Golovanov 39-42
Optimization of systems for parametric monitoring of the reliability of radioelectronic devices PDF
Ya. A. Fomin, B. F. Bezrodnyi 43-48
Integration of meters with failures PDF
P. A. Evlanov, S. Ya. Zhuk 49-53
Determination of the operability margin of engineering units PDF
M. Ya. Avkhach, I. A. Krasnov 54-58

Brief Communications

Analysis and synthesis of a polyharmonic signal in nonlinear microwave amplifiers PDF
B. E. Zhelezovskii, A. P. Kozyrev 59-61
Two-stage digital filtering of a signal having an unknown frequency PDF
N. A. Vinogradov, V. I. Semenov 62-64
Joint filtering of signal parameters having continuous and discrete states PDF
G. L. Dedkov, V. M. Terent’ev 65-67
Algorithm for joint tree encoding of a speech-signal source and a discrete communications channel PDF
I. N. Okov 68-71
Joint selection of the parameters of a minimum-shift frequency-keyed complex signal and a matched surface-acoustic-wave filter PDF
N. I. Smirnov, Yu. A. Karavaev, S. F. Gorgadze 72-75
Hybrid vector image quantization PDF
J. J. Mihalik, J. A. Chmurny 76-79
Analysis of multiphase switched-capacitor networks using the node method PDF
T. V. Kuklev, B. D. Donevski 80-83
Exact distribution of the levels of periodic correlation functions of complete and truncated binary codes PDF
A. V. Bessalov 84-88
Digital simulation of group estimation of an energy spectrum according to the entropy-minimax method PDF
Vladimir V. Savchenko, D. N. Bashulin 89-91
Fourier conjugacy of Green’s tensor and of the diffraction field of a plane wave on an ideally conducting body PDF
V. M. Maksimov, Dmitrii I. Voskresenskii 92-95
A microprocessor tracking phasemeter PDF
V. V. Grigorenko 96-99
Low-loss surface-acoustic-wave (SAW) ring filters without matching elements PDF
S. A. Dobershtein, E. B. Korzhinskii, V. A. Malyukhov 100-102
Effect of feedback on the frequency responses of systems containing nonrecursive digital filters PDF
A. N. Kalashnikov, A. F. Nazarenko 103-104
Nonlinearity characteristics of selective amplifiers based on negative-feedback transistors PDF
V. V. Palshkov 105-108
Experimental investigation of a plane-lamellar medium with controllable polarization of the reflected electromagnetic wave PDF
A. A. Golovkov, G. D. Mikhailov 109-111
Algorithms for determining the distribution moments of a random process using a characteristic function PDF
Yu. M. Veshkurtsev, S. M. Novikov 112-114
Investigating the dynamic properties of an MOS-transistor structure PDF
N. P. Likhobabin, L. F. Politanskii, P. P. Vatamanyuk 115-116