Vol 31, No 1 (1988)

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Table of Contents

Determination of the angular coordinates of sources of radiation with a planar equidistant antenna array using the maximum-likelihood method PDF
L. N. Konovalov, I. D. Merkulenko 1-6
The effect of random spread of the parameters of the elements of an antenna system on the accuracy with which the coordinates of a point target and their derivatives can be estimated PDF
G. S. Nakhmanson 7-12
Separation of vector space-time signals using multichannel antenna receivers PDF
A. I. Knyaz 13-18
Estimation of signal delay when the parameters of the modulating interference are unknown PDF
Andrey P. Trifonov, A. V. Zakharov 19-23
Optimization of hierarchical correlation algorithms for analyzing images PDF
A. V. Gorohovatsky, V. V. Shlyakhov 24-28
Joint filtering of mixed Markov processes in discrete time PDF
Serhii Ya. Zhuk 29-35
Estimation of the errors of digital modeling of linear dynamic sections PDF
O. L. Nikitin, O. A. Granat 36-40
Broadband-optimal multichannel microwave power dividers using lumped magnetically coupled inductances PDF
V. A. Malyshev, I. V. Perevoshchikov 41-45
Methods of improving the linearity of the transfer characteristic of analog-digital converters with phase modulation PDF
A. F. Mikheev, V. Ya. Androsenko 46-50
Investigation of the power characteristics of a Gunn-diode quasi-optical generator PDF
A. I. Borodkin, B. M. Bulgakov, I. Yu. Chernyshov 51-55
Quasi-static parameters of coupled striplines with highly unbalanced electromagnetic coupling PDF
N. D. Malyutin, A. N. Sychev 56-60
A correction algorithm for searching for the roots of the determinants of an immitance matrix PDF
Ya. K. Trokhimenko, A. I. Rybin, E. G. Plavneva 61-68

Brief Communications

Noise characteristics of an adaptive parametric microwave attenuator PDF
V. I. Gostev, V. I. Sineok, A. I. Il'nitskii 69-72
A comparative estimate of the quality of radar-signal detectors on a background of noise of variable intensity PDF
S. S. Gremyachenskii, Yu. V. Yakovlev 73-75
Calculation of the frequency spectrum of the natural oscillations of a screened dielectric resonator PDF
S. V. Zaitsev 76-79
The resonance frequencies of an open slotted-waveguide resonator PDF
Fedir M. Repa, P. Ya. Stepanenko, G. N. Shelamov 80-82
Waveguide-coaxial gyromagnetic filters PDF
Mykhailo Ye. Ilchenko, A. P. Zhivkov 83-86
A method of designing waveguide filters with longitudinal metal inserts PDF
V. V. Gladun, A. E. Ekzhanov, Yu. A. Pirogov 87-89
Synthesis of multistep multichannel directional couplers PDF
N. I. Kovalenko, O. F. Krylach 90-92
Inclined incidence of a surface wave on the end of a planar dielectric waveguide PDF
S. E. Bankov, V. F. Vzyatyshev, A. A. Solov'ev 93-96
An algorithm for calculating the values of the sensitivity of the secondary parameters of the time characteristics of electronic circuits PDF
A. I. Petrenko, V. V. Ladogubets, A. I. Tsirfa 97-99
An estimate of the levels of the individual components of the spectrum of a single-sideband modulator PDF
L. D. Ogorodniichuk 100-101
Measurement of the phase of a quasi-harmonic signal on a background of interference with a nonsymmetrical spectrum PDF
V. D. Rubtsov, I. Yu. Gerasimov, V. G. Lukashkin, V. S. Uvarov 102-104