UWB pulse design method using firefly algorithm





UWB, Gaussian derivative, Firefly Algorithm


Meeting emission masks set by regulation authorities is a typical task demanded of the pulse shaper. In particular, the release of the FFC emission masks for ultra-wideband (UWB) devices for the short-range and high data rate, stimulated research in designing pulse shaping techniques capable of closely approximating the mask, that is, the maximum possible transmit power under FCC limits to avoid the interference with co-existing applications and get better performance when transmitted in a multiple access system. In this paper, we investigate the possibility of obtaining the optimal waveform as a linear combination of different derivative function of the Gaussian pulse, each being characterized by weight coefficient and shape factor. In the proposed method a recently swarm intelligence algorithm, namely Firefly Algorithm (FA) is applied to optimizing its weight coefficients and shape factors of linear combination on spectrum distribution, which is achieved using the FA to minimize the least square error. Based on the newly proposed pulse, the bit error ratio (BER) performance of the binary pulse position modulation with time-hopping multiple access is analyzed under standard Gaussian approximation. Compared with random combined pulse, the simulation results show that the pulse designed based on FA has higher pulse energy matching the spectral limits of UWB and better BER performance.


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PSD of FA-combined pulse





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