Silicon photonic infrared-wave emitter




single-crystal silicon, photonic infrared-wave emitter, antireflective coating


This study proposes an approach for building high quality cheap emitters in mid-wave (MW) and long-wave (LW) infrared spectrum bands. A photonic infrared-wave emitter based on light down conversion from the region of fundamental absorption by semiconductor to infrared region has been proposed. The efficiency of such conversion does not depend on quantum yield of interband recombination. It increases with the rise of emitter temperature and can be optically controlled. Such device has a large working surface area with spectral characteristics that do not depend on the forbidden bandwidth in semiconductor. The calculated and experimental characteristics of the power of silicon photonic emitter in 3–5 μm and 8–12 μm wavelength bands as a function of the temperature and intensity of exciting radiation are also presented. The parameters of the known emitters and proposed one are compared, and the technological description of the proposed device is presented.


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