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Logarithmic AFC of I/Q demodulators of 8-th order with different coefficients

Synthesis method of procedure for odd-order I/Q demodulation based on replacing multistage with equivalent single-stage demodulation schemes

Vadym I. Slyusar, Pavlo Serdiuk


A method of synthesis of odd-order I/Q demodulators based on replacing the multistage demodulation schemes with equivalent single-stage ones is proposed. The calculation of coefficients of single-stage odd-order I/Q demodulator, which is equivalent to multistage scheme in terms of the waveform of its amplitude-frequency characteristic (AFC), is based on the sample-wise analysis of the process of forming the response of the demodulator output stage that involves the sampling the harmonic signal voltages at the output of analog-to-digital converter (ADC). An example of synthesis of 11-sample former of quadrature components is considered for illustrating the application peculiarities of the method proposed for synthesis of odd-order I/Q demodulators. The comparative results of its AFC calculations are presented. The analytical description of the response of the specified unit in terms of the coefficients of even-order I/Q demodulators forming the multistage scheme has been derived. A number of regularities intrinsic to coefficients of odd-order I/Q demodulators was established, including the regularities characterizing the dependence of their dynamic range on values of weighting coefficients of the initial multistage scheme.


I/Q demodulator; amplitude-frequency characteristic; AFC; analog-to-digital converter; ADC; quadrature components

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