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Two-channel antenna of the scanning radiometer of 20-centimeter range

Nikolay N. Gorobets, Yu. N. Gorobets, A. B. Zholobenko, Victor A. Katrich, V. I. Kiiko, V. S. Popov, P. I. Shugaev


A flat antenna was developed in the form of a nonequidistant array of horns located on a disk 4.5 wavelengths in diameter. The main maximum of the directivity diagram is oriented at the angle of 45° to the array. The antenna operates on two orthogonal (vertical and horizontal) linear polarizations and is designed for the use in the scanning aerospace two-channel radiometer of the decimeter wavelength range.

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Shubarin, Yu. V. Antennas of Superhigh Frequencies [in Russian]. Kharkov: Izd-vo Kharkovskogo Universiteta, 1960.

Gorobets, N. N.; Zholobenko, A. B.; Gorobets, Yu. N. Turk. J. Phys., Vol. 18, No. 9, P. 870-877, 1994.

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