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Analysis and synthesis of a polyharmonic signal in nonlinear microwave amplifiers

B. E. Zhelezovskii, A. P. Kozyrev


The successful solution of numerous problems in electromagnetic compatibility of radioengineering systems, as well as satellite and tropospheric radio communications, depends to a considerable degree on progress in the field of analysis and synthesis of a multifrequency signal in nonlinear microwave amplifiers (see [1]).

The traditionally developed radioelectronics methods of description turned out to be ineffective and did not ensure the required accuracy of computation. This made it necessary to develop radioengineering methods which permit, without penetrating into the internal physical processes, operation solely with the output characteristics of the microwave amplifiers by treating them as certain nonlinear radioengineering devices. One such method is based on representing a nonlinear microwave amplifier by means of a mathematical model in the form of a typical radioengineering component (TREC).

The present work has demonstrated the possibility of using TREC as a means to solve a number of problems in the analysis and synthesis of polyharmonic signals using as an example the investigation of the amplification of a monochromatic signal against the background of several regular waves having arbitrary amplitudes and frequencies. Arbitrarily, the harmonic waves arriving at the input of the amplifier at all frequencies except the fundamental frequency may be treated as regular interferences.

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NEMIROVSKII, A.S.; DANILOVICH, O.S.; MARIMONT, Y.I.; ET AL. Radio-Relay and Satellite Transmission Systems [in Russian, ed. by A. S. Nemirovskii]. Moscow: Radio i Svyaz, 1986.

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