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Synthesis of multistep multichannel directional couplers

N. I. Kovalenko, O. F. Krylach


Multistep N-channel directional couplers based on multiconductor coupled lines have undoubted advantages compared with N-channel power dividers based on cascade-connected directional couplers having two coupled transmission lines. However, their application is prevented by the lack of any design procedure. The principles of the design of single-step multichannel directional couplers are described in [1], and the principles for designing two-step couplers are described in [2], while multistep directional couplers with identical side channels are described in [3]. In this paper the results obtained in [1-3] are extended to the case of directional couplers based on multiconductor coupled lines with an arbitrary number of steps and an arbitrary power distribution in the output channels.

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