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BER performance of RMCC-OFDM and RMCC-SC-FDE schemes having BPSK modulations under multiple relays with JSMLD decoding at destination terminal

Distributed Reed Muller code with multiple relays for cooperative broadband wireless networks

Rahim Umar, Feng Fan Yang, Shoaib Mughal


The authors have investigated the bit-error rate (BER) performance of Reed-Muller coded cooperative single-carrier frequency domain equalization (RMCC-SC-FDE) scheme and Reed-Muller coded cooperative OFDM (RMCC-OFDM) scheme incorporating multiple relays and multiple antennas. The maximum ratio combining (MRC) technique is utilized for OFDM/SC-FDE signal detection at the destination terminal. The joint soft maximum likelihood decoding (JSMLD) and the joint majority logic decoding (JMLD) are employed at the destination terminal. The deployment of multiple relays have invigorated the BER performance of RMCC-OFDM and RMCC-SC-FDE schemes. Numerical results demonstrate that the RMCC-SC-FDE scheme exhibits a better BER performance over the RMCC-OFDM scheme in identical conditions. Furthermore, the simulated results reveal that the RMCC-SC-FDE and RMCC-OFDM schemes not only yield a better BER performance gain over their corresponding non-cooperative coded counterpart schemes but also outperform the turbo coded cooperative SC-FDE and turbo coded cooperative OFDM schemes, respectively, under identical conditions.


OFDM; SC-FDE; Reed-Muller code; RM code; coded cooperation; Plotkin’s construction

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