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Modified DSLM technique for PAPR reduction in FBMC system

Arun Kumar, Hemant Rathore


In the modern age, wireless communication has taken on a wide range of applications in different aspects of a human life. Ever increasing demand for higher data rates led the interest of research in FBMC (Filter Bank Multi-Carrier) as a new transmission system for the next-generation mobile communication system. FBMC is a multicarrier technique which utilized filters at the transmitting and the receiving side of the system. It is considered as one of the most promising waveform for fifth generation mobile communication system (5G). But, high value of Peak Average Power Ratio (PAPR) is considered to be one of the giant problems in FBMC. The PAPR reduction techniques used in OFDM cannot be utilized in FBMC due to its overlapping structure. Hence, new PAPR reduction techniques for FBMC have diverted the attention of researchers. In this work, dispersive selective mapping (DSLM) PAPR reduction technique is proposed. Further, the proposed technique is compared to selected mapping (SLM) and clipping PAPR reduction techniques. The simulation results show that the proposed DSLM technique gives the better performance in terms of bit error rate (BER), PAPR and complexity as compared to the SLM and clipping PAPR reduction techniques.


PAPR; FBMC; DSLM; SLM; clipping

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