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Optimal coder of C-code in terms of peak factor

Constructive synthesis methods of binary error correcting code of length 32 for MC-CDMA technology

Michael I. Mazurkov, Artem V. Sokolov


The article proposes the constructive synthesis methods of binary error correcting code of length N = 32 with the optimal value of peak-to-average power ratio of Walsh–Hadamard spectrum for MC-CDMA technology. The authors have developed three constructive methods for the synthesis of codewords of correcting code: in the time domain, in the Walsh–Hadamard transform domain, and in the Reed–Muller transform domain. The parameters of the built code correspond to the best-known codes in McWilliams table.


MC-CDMA; PAPR; peak-to-average power ratio; error correcting code; bent-sequence

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