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Schematic diagram of procedure for estimating MO parameters with due regard for the possible presence of interferences from LO

Multithreshold procedure for evaluating parameters of meteorological objects against the background of local objects clutter in pulsed Doppler weather radars

Dmytro V. Atamanskiy, Kostiantyn V. Sadovyi


A multithreshold procedure for estimating parameters of meteorological objects (MO) against the background of interferences from local objects in pulsed Doppler weather radars has been proposed. It is based on using the operation results of introduced detector of local objects for making a decision on estimating the parameters of meteorological objects before or after the nonadaptive MO suppression filter. The task of detection in this detector is solved by the threshold processing of correlation coefficients of reflections carrying the information on both the composition of analyzed mixture and MO parameters. This feature of the proposed detector compares favorably with a large variety of the known detectors. It is shown that the proposed detector makes it possible to take a correct decision about the composition of the mixture with probability D > 0.9 already at MO radial velocities Vr > 2 m/s. The possibility and expediency of practical use of the proposed procedure in the system of estimating the MO parameters under the real conditions of limited sample sizes of processed inputs were confirmed by mathematical experiment. In this case, the accuracy of estimates is shown to be more than twice as high as that of the known procedures.


meteorological formations; local objects; nonadaptive suppression filter; correlation coefficient; pulsed Doppler weather radar

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