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Investigated structure of a junction of cylindrical and radial waveguides

Electrodynamical model of composite cylindrical structure with laminated dielectric

Alexander V. Strizhachenko


The article is devoted to the problem of the natural electromagnetic modes, the regions of their existence and the relationship with all possible types of resonances in the waveguide junction of a cylindrical and radial waveguides with a layered (laminated) filling of the radial waveguide with dielectric material. An electrodynamic model is created on the basis of a rigorous method of modal matching technique, with the separation of the common waveguide coupling region and the representation of the field in it in the form of a superposition of the fields of the partial waveguide eigenmodes. The structure under investigation can be used to measure the electrical parameters of dielectric samples of a cylindrical cross-section. It is shown that the measurements will have a local character, since the spectral characteristics of the junctions are determined mainly by the size of the central coupling region of the waveguides and by the electrical parameters of the dielectric that is in the junction. The problem of edge effects for samples of finite length (partial filling of a radial waveguide with dielectric) is investigated. Taking into account the edge effect enables reducing the error in measuring the permittivity for samples of arbitrary sizes in the investigated structure.


compositional structure; resonance frequency; permittivity

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