Frequency splitting effect of degenerate modes in ferrite resonators




modes splitting, YIG, barium hexaferrite, ferrite disk resonators, nonreciprocal devices


The splitting of magneto-dielectric modes frequency in disk ferrite resonators in a magnetic field is considered. A simplified formula is obtained for estimation of the splitting magnitude. Theoretical and experimental results of the frequency splitting effect in magneto-dielectric modes in the millimeter wave range are compared. The use of the splitting of the magneto-dielectric modes frequencies as an alternative to ferromagnetic resonance in devices with magnetic frequency tuning is suggested, with values of the magnetization fields being an order of magnitude lower than for ferromagnetic resonance. The features of the splitting modes effect in different ferrite classes are investigated and it is shown that it occurs in both microwave and optical ranges. The estimated magnitude of the mode frequency splitting in the iron-yttrium garnet (YIG) transparency window can reach 9 GHz, which is comparable to the 5 GHz splitting in the millimeter range. The frequency ranges where frequency splitting effect is of practical interest are discussed. In particular, the effect in barium hexaferrite can be used both in post-resonance and pre-resonance regions, which is almost impossible for ferrogarnates and ferrospinels.


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