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Design of a negative conductance dielectric resonator oscillator for X-band applications

Seyi Stephen Olokede, Syazana Basyirah Binti Mohammad Zaki, Nor Muzlifah Mahyuddin, Mohd Fadzil Ain, Zainal Arifin Ahmad


An X-band tunable microwave low-phase noise planar oscillator employing a novel-fed dielectric resonator (DR) with a single transistor has been investigated and realized. A ZrSnTi oxide composite ceramic-based DR with dielectric permittivity of 95 enclosed in a metallic cavity with an unloaded Q factor of 5,000 at 10 GHz is proposed. The resonant frequency affinity with respect to geometric parameters is established by using the compensation technique based on dual negative conductance feedback, the outputs of which are combined via a Wilkinson power divider (WPD). The feedback parallel-coupled DR oscillator is incorporated into a laminate microwave board using the photolithographic technique. The oscillator includes a pseudomorphic low noise amplifier based on a high-electron-mobility transistor. Hence, the proposed oscillator with mechanic tuning is measured, and the results show that DR resonates at TE01d mode with frequency of 10 GHz. The measured phase noise of the oscillator is –81.03 dBc/Hz at a 100 kHz offset.


dielectric resonator oscillator; feedback; negative conductance; parallel coupled; phase noise

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