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Proposed minimum component sinusoidal oscillator circuit based on OTRA

Four new oscillators using operational transresistance amplifier

Pittala Chandra Shaker, Avireni Srinivasulu


In this paper, four new sinusoidal waveform generators based on the operational transresistance amplifier (OTRA) are presented. The first proposed circuit is a minimum component RC sinusoidal oscillator circuit with one OTRA and a few passive components. The second and third proposed circuits consist of one OTRA and a few passive components, among them two passive components are connected to ground. These circuits are able to control the condition of oscillation and frequency of oscillation independently. The fourth proposed quadrature oscillator circuit uses two OTRAs as main active building blocks and a few external passive components to generate the oscillations. The commercially available IC AD844AN has been adopted to implement the proposed circuits on a laboratory breadboard with external passive components. Both the SPICE simulation and experimental results are given to verify the theoretical analysis of the proposed circuits.


oscillator’ operational transresistance amplifier; analog integrated circuit design; current mode oscillator; sinusoidal oscillator

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