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Measurement cell for investigation of the electrophysical parameters of liquids

Prospects of a slotline utilization as the excitation element of a quasi-optical hemispherical resonator for the problems of liquids dielectrometry

Alexander E. Kogut, Sergey O. Nosatiuk, R. S. Dolia


In this article we propose the utilization of a quasi-optical resonator in the form of the resonant cavity of hemispherical shape in the metal as a measurement cell of a dielectrometer for the investigation of electrophysical properties of liquids. We have carried out the investigations of electromagnetic characteristics of the utilized resonator in the case of the air filling and of the partial filling by the analyzed liquids (benzene, butanol, ethanol, methanol). The possibility of effective excitation of whispering gallery modes using the slot line has been demonstrated. We have determined the possibilities of the utilized investigation technique of the electrophysical properties of different liquids and of their identification based on the variations of electromagnetic characteristics of the proposed measurement cell. It has been shown that in the case of a small perturbation of the resonance fields by samples of liquids (with volume up to 3 ml) this technique for the proposed resonator possesses a high sensitivity and resolution capability for the identification of liquids with a relatively small difference of the electrophysical parameters.


hollow hemispherical metal resonator; whispering gallery modes; slot line; electromagnetic characteristics; dielectrometry

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