Analysis of microwave energy extraction process at the resonator with controlled transformation of oscillation modes


  • Sergei N. Artemenko Tomsk Polytechnic University
  • Vladislav S. Igumnov Tomsk Polytechnic University



microwave compressor, waveguide H-tee, interference switch, resonator, commutator


It is considered an operation of resonance microwave compressor with extraction of energy by means of controlled transformation of oscillations modes on a coupling window of the resonator with short-cut waveguide stub. Using dispersion matrix method with a device model we carried out the analysis of the extraction process in case of transformation of high-Q mode into down to the limit low-Q mode. There are obtained the expressions for description of the transient processes during accumulation and extraction processes. It is shown researched compressor is possible to shape the microwave pulses with controlled power, duration and envelope shape.


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