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Plots of side lobes of the right half of zero filter APC

Calculation algorithm of optimal values of weight coefficients for coherent integration of reflections

Nikolai D. Rysakov, Vladimir V. Kutsenko


A formula for computing the optimal values of weight coefficients of coherent integration of reflections has been proposed for minimizing the sidelobe level of amplitude-phase characteristics (APC) of Doppler filters applicable at an arbitrary number of such filters. The AFC plots of Doppler filters were calculated and presented for the case of coherent integrator for 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 and 36 filters. The estimated average sidelobe level indicated the validity of specified proposals.


weight coefficients; Doppler filter; filtering; amplitude-phase characteristic; side lobe

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RYSAKOV, N.D.; TITOV, I.V.; MAKAROV, S.A. Analysis of the possible implementation of a monopulse autotracking channel as part of radar landing complex. Systems of Control, Navigation and Communications, 2011, n.4, p.57-61.

KUTSENKO, V.V. The particularities to realization dopplers filtrations the reflections in monopulse radar autosupport of the plane on final stage of the boarding. Science and Technologies of Air Forces of Armed Forces of Ukraine, 2012, n.1, p.85-89,

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