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Dielectric resonance structure is placed within the hemispherical cavity

Implementation of higher order forced oscillations mode in shielded dielectric resonators by using slotline

Alexander E. Kogut, Sergey O. Nosatiuk, Vasil Solodovnik, R. S. Dolia


The electromagnetic characteristics of the shielded hemisphere dielectric resonator in 8-mm waveband were investigated experimentally. The utilization of a slotline for the excitation of whispering gallery modes in such resonator was suggested. It has been defined that the suggested excitation technique is efficient. It provides an opportunity to excite the high Q-factor higher order modes in shielded dielectric resonator without additional energy losses. It has been proved experimentally that the unloaded Q factor achieved in the resonator under investigation may exceed the threshold values, which are limited by the dissipative losses in the dielectric resonator material, due to the shift of the resonance field in the air gap between the metal and the dielectric resonator elements. It was demonstrated that the symmetry breakdown of the investigated resonator leads to a significant deterioration of its electromagnetic characteristics.


shielded dielectric resonator; whispering gallery modes; slot-line; electromagnetic characteristics

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