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Half-disk DR using two local flat conducting mirrors

Slot line excitation of whispering gallery oscillations in shielded dielectric resonators

Alexander Ya. Kirichenko, Alexander E. Kogut, Vladimir Kutuzov, Sergey O. Nosatiuk, Vasil Solodovnik


Electrodynamic characteristics of a half-disc shielded dielectric resonator operating in the 8-mm wavelength range have been investigated experimentally. A slot line was proposed for the excitation of whispering gallery modes in such resonator. It has been found out that the proposed excitation technique is effective and allows the high-Q oscillations of higher orders to be excited in a shielded dielectric resonator without additional energy losses. The partial shielding of the resonator in question was proposed for its spectrum rarefaction.


shielded dielectric resonator; whispering gallery oscillations; slot line; electrodynamic characteristics

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