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Terahertz self-induced oscillations in the injection p–n junction with fixed reverse bias

Konstantin A. Lukin, Pavlo P. Maksymov


The results of numerical solutions of the complete equations of the diffusion-drift model (DDM) of Ge, Si and GaAs reverse-biased abrupt p–n junctions with injection of the constant-intensity electron flow into the p–region have been presented. The excitation mechanism of p–n junctions was examined and the factors affecting the frequency and amplitude of self-induced oscillations were established. The spectra of power and electron efficiency have been also presented. Abrupt Ge, Si and GaAs p–n junctions were shown to generate oscillations over the entire microwave range, while the second harmonic frequency could reach the terahertz (THz) range.


abrupt p–n junction; terahertz range; spectra

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