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Integration of heterospectral infrared images in the 3–5 and 8–14 μm bands in passive optoelectronic systems with matrix photodetectors

A. V. Avlasyonok


Basic results of the experimental investigation of the correlation between two-dimensional intensity distributions (in two different spectral bands: 3–5 and 8–14 μm) of aerial target and the background on heterospectral infrared (IR) images have been presented. The above images were obtained in the process of comparison tests of trial models of passive optoelectronic systems (OES) with matrix photodetectors (PD) mounted on the antenna of target-tracking radar station (TTRS). A technique for improving the quality of these images was also described. The specified technique was aimed at enhancing the ranges of target detection and recognition under condition of the integration of above images on the basis of the correlation revealed.


IR; optoelectronic system; OES

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