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Electrodynamics of waveguide junctions with anisotropic loading

Alexander V. Strizhachenko


An electrodynamic model for the calculation of waveguide junctions with anisotropic loading has been built in this study. A wave equation for longitudinal components of hybrid electromagnetic field and a system of linear algebraic equations (SLAE) were obtained. The conditions were found under which the SLAE for HEmnp-oscillations (indexes indicate the number of variations of the field in terms of coordinates x, y, z, respectively) disintegrated into two independent systems corresponding to Hmno- and Eklo-oscillations. The developed algorithm and the software programs were used to carry out numerical analysis for these modes of oscillations that are of practical interest. The recommendations are given on the use of waveguide junctions for measuring components of the dielectric permittivity tensor of anisotropic crystals.

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