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A model of information process for algorithm of people finding behind optically opaque barriers

O. V. Sytnik


Spectral-correlation characteristics of random information processes are considered. These processes appear in distance probing and control systems, and caused by objects, slowly oscillating in comparison with carrier signal period and compared with precession observation period, separate parts oscillation or objects linear movement. It is proposed a method of mathematic formalization of model of an information process, caused by output signal of coherent Doppler locator. Characteristics of reflected from undisturbed human signals are researched. It is shown that of spectral correlations provide the best in point of view of maximal signal-to-noise ratio spectral components of periodically correlated process detection on a background of non-coherent interferences at fixed sample length. It is shown a possibility of proposed model to be used in algorithm of recognizing and identification of slow objects, including hidden behind opaque barriers, by means of radio-methods.

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