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Importance of the “secondary breakdown energy” parameter in high–power switching transistors

N. G. Vorobyov


The necessity in estimating the secondary breakdown energy of switching–type transistors is substantiated. The issues of improvement of reliability of high–power switching devices in bipolar transistors are considered.

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JOVANOVIC, M.M.; LEE, F.C.; CHEN, D.Y. "Nondestructive characterization of RBSOA of high-power bipolar transistors," IEEE Trans. Aerosp. Electron. Syst., v.AES-22, n.2, Р.138-145, 1986. DOI:

KOLESNIKOV, V.G.; NIKISHIN, V.I.; SYNOROV, V.F.; ET AL. Silicon Planar Transistors [in Russian, ed. by Ya. A. Fedotov]. Moscow: Sov. Radio, 1973.

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